Brie Cheese

Липецкий МСЗ
BRIE cheese is a soft ripened cheese of a grayish hue under a crust of white mold. This crust is edible, so it does not need to be cut and thrown away. It is made from cow's milk (according to the classic recipe, the fat content is at least 50%). The taste of the delicacy is delicate and pleasant. The mold-covered crust has a sharper smell, but it is almost tasteless. Gourmets love the breeze's rich aroma. The mature product captures mushroom and nutty notes, which are almost impossible to find in young cheeses. The younger the brie, the more delicate its taste and aroma. Mature and thin heads usually taste sharp. Brie can be consumed as an independent dish, or it can be used to prepare cold appetizers or hot delicacies.

M.D.J. at least 50%. Lyophilized starter cultures (Mesothermophilic), milk-converting enzyme of microbial origin, calcium chloride, Culture (Geotrichum candidum Penicilliumcandidum)

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