Smoked sausage cheese product "Voronezh" with bacon flavor

The product with cheese is processed smoked sausage with a milk fat substitute "Voronezh" with the taste of bacon with MJ. in dry matter, 40%, produced by the Lipetsk Creamery. It has a delicate creamy taste with a subtle smoked aroma. Sandwiches, salads, snacks, baked dishes of meat, fish, and vegetables are prepared with smoked sausage. It is served as part of a cheese plate or as a separate snack. It is fried in breadcrumbs, added to pies as a filling. It goes well with garlic and fresh carrots. Due to its long shelf life at room temperature, it is convenient to take it on the road or hiking. Smoking takes place in special smoking chambers, on natural alder chips. The product contains phosphorus, protein, amino acids, calcium, fats, vitamin A, sodium. These substances have a beneficial effect on the condition of bones and teeth, the work of the heart and circulatory system, and the water-salt balance.
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