Camembert cheese

Липецкий МСЗ
CAMEMBERT cheese is a kind of soft fatty cheese made from cow's milk, characterized by a very delicate, even fluid consistency and a sweet-creamy taste with a mushroom tint. It has a color from white to light creamy. The outside of the camembert is covered with a crust formed by cultural Geotrichum candidum, on top of which the white mold Penicillium camemberti grows. The cheese crust is edible, white, dense. Camembert is perfect for a festive table, it can become a noticeable element of a combined cheese plate, but it can also be used in everyday cuisine, adding to soups and sauces.

mj. not less than 55%. Lyophilized starter cultures (Mesothermophilic), milk-converting enzyme of microbial origin, calcium chloride, Culture (Geotrichum candidum Penicilliumcandidum)

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