Cheese Curd Cream Cheese

Липецкий МСЗ
Cheese curd Cream Cheese, MJ 60%, 1 kg. It has a natural creamy taste, is versatile in use - very soft, plastic, therefore it is used for making sushi and rolls, sandwiches, toppings for tartlets, rolls and canapes, as part of desserts and pastries, for making various creams. It contains a significant amount of calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the bone, muscle, and nervous systems of the body.
It contains casein and albumin proteins, fatty acids and lactic acid bacteria, which are useful for the human body, which make the digestive processes more efficient.

Упаковка: Ведро

Фасовка: 1 кг. | 3 кг. | 5 кг. | 10 кг.

Срок годности, суток: 60

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