Semi-hard Mozzarella cheese

Липецкий МСЗ
Semi-hard Mozzarella cheese, mass fraction of fat 45%, 1 kg. It is made from natural, fresh raw materials of the highest quality, without the addition of GMOs and preservatives. The unique formulation allows you to preserve the amazing, refined, delicate taste and aroma. Mozzarella is a fundamental ingredient in pizza preparation. It is perfectly rubbed, after rubbing it does not stick and does not clump. When melting, it forms elastic cheese filaments, creates a homogeneous cheese mass during baking, does not burn, forming an appetizing "leopard" color on the surface of the has a milky-bland profile that does not interrupt the taste of other ingredients in the composition. It is ideal for use in furnaces of various types, in a wide temperature range. Fresh Mozzarella is ideally combined with vegetables and herbs, garlic, olive oil, bread. Mozzarella, with its frequent presence in the diet, saturates the body with high-grade protein, prevents the occurrence of anemia, decreased immunity, hormonal disorders, the appearance of pasty and puffiness, impaired protein metabolism. Due to the participation of amino acids in the synthesis of protein-containing elements of the musculoskeletal system, it helps to strengthen bones, joints and tendons. Amino acids, which are part of the myelin molecule, the sheath of nerve endings, contribute to improving brain activity, especially in people with memory impairment. Mozzarella is useful for athletes to consume. The proteins of this cheese contribute to building muscle mass, increasing endurance, and improving the composition of synovial fluid, a lubricant for intra—articular surfaces. B vitamins normalize digestion and restore impaired intestinal biocenosis. It is very important to consume Mozzarella for pregnant and lactating women, as well as children. Mozzarella is useful for diabetes. It contains biotin, which helps to reduce sugar levels. At the request of the client, we can refine some of the product characteristics.

Упаковка: Брус, батон

Фасовка: 0,5 кг | 1 кг. | 2 кг.

Срок годности, суток: 120

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