Smoked Chechil Balyk cheese

Липецкий МСЗ
Chechil Balyk cheese, smoked, MJ 45%, 1 kg. Armenian brine cheese made from cow's milk in the form of thin threads. It resembles suluguni in texture and taste, but differs from it in its greater layering and delicate taste. It can be sold in classic or smoked form. The taste of Chechila is delicate, creamy, salty, with spicy notes. Due to its low fat content, this cheese is an excellent substitute for more fatty varieties for people seeking to lose weight. The calorie content of Chechil is on average 2 times lower than that of classic cheeses. At the same time, there are practically no carbohydrates in the composition of this type of cheese, but a lot of protein, which makes it an extremely valuable food product. The undoubted benefit of Chechil cheese will be for people suffering from a lack of calcium in the body. The variety is also rich in phosphorus, which helps the aforementioned mineral to be absorbed. B vitamins will help strengthen the central nervous system, heart and blood vessels. There are other elements in the composition of the dairy product that are also involved in maintaining the health of the body. Chechil is served as an appetizer with beer, eaten with fresh bread, salads are decorated with it or meat rolls are tied with cheese threads. With Chechil, you can bake tortillas, make sandwiches, fry or serve on a side dish with fresh vegetables and herbs. In any dish, the variety brings a spicy aroma and a new flavor sound. It is made in classic dairy and smoked form. It does not contain vegetable fats and GMOs.

Упаковка: Вакуумная упаковка, навал

Фасовка: 0,5 кг |1 кг. | 2 кг. | 5 кг. | 10 кг.

Срок годности, суток: 120

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