Chechil Balyk dairy cheese product

Липецкий МСЗ
Protein-fat product "Chechil Balyk" milk mj 45%. The brine product is in the form of thin strands, layered in structure. It has a delicate, creamy, salty taste with spicy notes. It is produced in classic dairy and smoked form. Smoked varieties have a slight sharp aftertaste.
It is available in the form of braids, threads, balyk, noodles, straws, cobwebs, tangles. The product contains calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, helps to restore strength after heavy physical exertion, has a beneficial effect on skin, bones, hair and nails, normalizes sleep. Due to the low fat content, Chechil is recommended for people who follow diets for weight loss.
It is used in the preparation of salads, soups, sandwiches, meat dishes, seafood, sauces, pasta, tortillas, casseroles. Chechil is in harmony with mushrooms, vegetables, herbs, coffee, and spicy spices. It is considered a classic beer snack.

Фасовка: 0,5 кг |1 кг. | 2 кг. | 5 кг. | 10 кг.

Упаковка: Вакуумная упаковка, навал

Срок годности, суток: 180

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